Lowes - Gingerdeer

Gingerdeer' tells the story of a unique gingerbread cookie who is tossed away and ignored because he’s not like everyone else. As we follow him on his quest throughout the house to find friends who will accept him for who he is, this heartwarming holiday tale soon makes us realize that the best part of the holidays is feeling at home.

VFX Creative: The Mill

2D Lead Artist: Antoine Douadi
3D Lead Artist: Andres Eguiguren

2D Artists: Christoph Schroeer, Ting Jung-Hsu, Taner Besen 

3D Artists: Yong Chan Kim, Ivan E. Joy, Laura SayanNick Couret-Chailloux, George Schermer, Joerg Volk, Ren Hsien-Hsu, Eric ChouPeter Karnik, Anna CardilloPaul Liaw